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Both Repeaters are back online after powerfix.
Both Repeaters are offline due a powerfail.
The new (homebrew) repeater has been installed. Power is 25 Watts, with 15 watts measured after
the filters. Echolink is integrated in the repeater. We will now start improving the filters.
The new WebDXC alpha version has been released to the web. Flash player is required!
Check it out at
Echolink on ON0DST is currently out of the air since it is being build into the new FM Repeater.
A new FM Repeater is being build, please view the ON0DST page for more information about this project.
Also, this server is now IPV6 enabled (via sixxs). You can reach us via IPV6 on our normal domainnames. T2BELGIUM is now also reachable via IPV6, as is our DxCluster. We are probably the first DXCluster on IPV6. Our IPV6 address is 2001:6f8:202:3f5::2
The internetlink to the gateway is pretty reliable now. We don't have a hardwire connection to the
internet on the repeater QTH. The internet link is provided over the 5Ghz WAN and 
pushed onto the internet in the datacenter in Diegem. There were some hops with faulty hardware
that disrupted the internet link. Current speedresults give us 4mbit down and 2mbit up. This is pretty
good if you know that the internet connection is actually 80km away. The repeater automaticly links
to REF017B every morning at 7AM local time (5AM GMT)
Our D-STAR repeater ON0DST has been placed onsite. Its QRV on 439.450Mhz -7.6Mhz with 
RPT1="ON0DST B". We are still connecting the gateway computer to the internet. Pictures here
We are currenlty testing the DxCluster on 438.050Mhz with the call ON0DAS-6. Feel free to connect.
Speed is 1200bps.
We have received the licenses for ON0DST's DSTAR Repeater and ON0DAS's Packed Node. Currently we are
setting up the gatewaysoftware for the D-Star Repeater and awaiting aproval of the trust server. If 
all goes well the repeater will be on air with full power on the real antenna this weekend (Currently 
low power on dummyload). After that we will start with the Packed Node project.
ON0DAS-5 will be broadcasting all DX-Spots from the DxCluster on the 70cm APRS frequency 430.5125Mhz
during this weekend. This should not interfere with normal APRS operation of ON0DAS-4. DX spots can
be filtered by using a DXSpy as build into UIView.
EchoLink (SVXLink) for ON0DST is now running on an Alix 1D. Macro's have been implemented for
belgian repeater shortcuts and it is not longer needed to end a command with #. Check the 
ON0DST-page for the macro list.
We have received the D-Star repeater from our supplier and it will be demonstrated at 
Dirage 2009
ON0DAS-4 has been upgraded to version 6. The major update is a new MiniPC that reduces
the powerusage and allows us to run everything on 12V. For more information, check the
History page and the Gallery.
We have received the new license from the BIPT on 16/01/09. Version 4 of ON0DAS-4 has been shutdown 
and Version 5 is now running live at the new QTH. We are currently looking into re-using the hardware 
of version 4 for a new project.
The ON0DAS JavAPRSsrvr is now the official Tier2 node for Belgium. Its servername has been changed
to T2BELGIUM and is now also accessable from the domainname
Check for more information!
ON0DAS v5 has been installed at the new location. Currently operation is in RX-Only mode. Check the
history page for more info. Also take a look at the gallery
We are migrating the technical workgroup wiki.
We have launched the new website It is running on MediaWiki (like wikipedia) with a 
modified gumax skin of Paul Gu. Enjoy!