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ON0DAS and ON0DST are unmanned autonomous Ham-Radiostations, owned and operated by the Ham Radio Club UBA/DST (ON4DST).


The primairy function of this station is to receive, transmit and repeat digital packet-radio transmissions, more specifically APRS data. ON0DAS is linked to the international APRS-IS internet backbone and transmits the data received on radiofrequencies on this backbone. This data can be viewed on webapplications such as,, FindU, and many more...

ON0DAS is maintained and operated by its SysOps ON8TT and ON4SAX, with help from the technical workgroup

Did you know that DAS stands for Diesters APRS Station ? Diest is the city where UBA/DST is located.
Take a view at the history of ON0DAS for more information.


This is a Repeater system. We currently run a Voice repeater on the 2m band (145.7125Mhz, -600KHz shift, 131.8Hz CTCSS) and are testing our D-STAR repeater on the 70cm band (439.450Mhz, -7.6Mhz shift, "ON0DST B"). The D-Star repeater is only online during testing!

ON0DST is maintained and operated by its Sysops ON8LTE and ON4BAB, with help from the technical workgroup

Did you know that DST stands for DieST ? ON0DST-AR is also a cool callsign for a D-Star repeater :)
More information about ON0DST will follow.